• Accounting, Tax Advisory and Auditing firm in Rwanda

About Us

Global Expertise, Local Excellence: Our firm is home to an unparalleled array of memberships and qualifications that encompass the spectrum of global finance. Our partners hold the most esteemed designations from around the world such as CPA (Rwanda), ACCA (UK), ICAI (India), MIPA (Australia), AFA (UK), CPA (Kenya). This unique convergence of credentials equips us with a panoramic understanding of financial intricacies, ensuring that we navigate the complexities of Rwandan finance with a global perspective. Whether it's bridging the gap between international standards and local compliance or providing cross-border financial insights, we are adept at traversing the intricate terrain of modern finance. As innovators of financial strategy, we harmonize international best practices with local requirements, ensuring that our clients are not only compliant but also strategically positioned for success in a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Our Services

Accounting Services

Harness the expertise of our skilled professionals to manage your financial processes seamlessly. Our tailored outsourced accounting solutions ensure accurate recordkeeping, compliance, and financial transparency, leaving you free to focus on strategic growth.

Audit Services

Rely on our meticulous auditing practices to gain invaluable insights into your financial operations. Our experienced auditors ensure that your financial statements are transparent, accurate, and compliant, whether for statutory requirements or grant-related accountability.

Tax Advisory

Navigate Rwanda's complex tax landscape with confidence. Our adept tax advisors provide strategic counsel, optimized tax planning, and compliance support to help you minimize tax liabilities and enhance your financial position.